Our Wines

Below this you will find our wine list. We are proud of the producers we work with, and are delighted to be able to offer these to the UK market. All of these producers embody what we love about Portugal – history and tradition balanced with modern technique and skill. We are also extremely proud to have a world-class Rioja in our portfolio, courtesy of Bodegas Alvia.


Portal wines - Quinta do Reguerio

Quinta do Regueiro

Situated in the sub-Region of Monção & Melgaço from the Vinho Verde DOC The first vine was planted by the Rodrigues family in 1988 as growers, using at the time cuts from a two very old vines with more than 200 year of age, resent research discover “this is a unique indigenous Alvarinho clone” producing top quality award winning wines by the hand of the son Paulo Rodrigues, that in 1999 started to produce their own label Quinta do Regueiro. The 10 hectares estate is planted with 100% Alvarinho grape, witch 90% are from the “indigenous” clone, up in small vine parcels located in “socalcos” at about 850 meters altitude above the sea, mainly on granitic soils that makes this estate a magic place with a unique “Terroir”. 


2013 Sparkling Alvarinho
2014 Alvarinho, Reserva
2013 Alvarinho, Primitivo (Old Vines)
2014 Terroir II – XIV

Portal wines - Quinta da Covella

Quinta da Covela

On the sinuous terraces of a natural amphitheatre perched high above the right bank of the Douro River, Quinta de Covela has - for at least five centuries now - straddled the rugged terrain where two of Portugal's best-known wine-producing regions now meet. Downstream, rugged granite marks the landscape of the Vinho Verde region. Upriver, the hot, slate layered earth is what gives Port wine its heart and soul. 


2015 Avesso 'Edição Nacional'
2013 Avesso ' Edição Nacional' (Magnum)
2014 Escolha Branco
2014 Escolha Branco (Magnum)
2013 Reserva Branco


2015 Rosé

Portal wines - Casa de Villa Verde

Casa de Vila Verde 

Located near Guimarães the estate is in the heart of the Sousa valley and is one of the oldest houses dating back to the 17th century with such a long heritage, the estate as a 70 hectares and is one of the original producers of Vinho Verde. They marry tradition and state of the art techniques to create a supremely fresh white wines.


2014 Pluma, Vinho Verde
2014 Alvarinho, Pluma

Portal wines - Quinta do Portal

Quinta do Portal

Quinta do Portal is a family fine winemaking company that embraced with passion the “Boutique Winery” concept. They proudly produce DOC Douro wines, premium Port Wines and Moscatel. The project that started in the early 90’s of the XX century, had on its base a centenary estate where the family has been producing Port since the last years of the XIX century. Their commitment to the production of quality wines has been, since the first moment, the heart and soul of Quinta do Portal with 100 hectares. This effort, passion and dedication have been recognized both at a national and international level during the course of the years.

2001 Touriga Nacional
2011/09 Grande Reserva
2014 Black Pur
2011/07/03 Auro
2009 Duradero – Bodegas Liberalia & Quinta do Portal


2009 Auro (Magnum)
2006 Grande Reserva (Magnum)
2007 Grande Reserva (Jeroboam)


2014 Frontaria
2015 Moscatel Galego


2013 Muros da Vinha
2012 Frontaria
2013 Colheita
2014 Reserva
2009 Tinta Roriz
2009 Touriga Franca

Portal wines - R4 Rouro Family

R4 Douro Family

Since 1950 the Miranda family, for generations as growers and owners of two estates in Quinta de S. Tiago, with its 18th century manor house and Quinta da Portela. They pursuits the dream of their great grandfather’s by creating premium quality wines from their own land, bottled and labelled under their own names. To meet this goal, the Miranda family purchased another three estates completing a total of 150 hectares. In 2010 the brothers with fresh minds and respecting tradition with the love for the region. Put their “MÃOS” (hands in Portuguese) on the job and the “IrMÃOS” (brothers in Portuguese) Rafael Miranda and brothers began the hard works of making unique quality wines.


2014 IrMãos
2012/16 Mãos
2013 / 2014 Côdega do Larinho,


2013 IrMãos
2013 Mãos
2014 Mãos, Reserva


Portal wines - Quinta da Boavista


Quinta da Boavista was included in the first ever demarcation of the Douro demarcated region, ordered by Portugal’s powerful first minister the Marquis of Pombal, in 1757. The estate’s main house was a favourite abode of Baron Joseph James Forrester, the illustrious wine-maker, map-maker, painter and historic defender of best practises in the Port industry. Half of the 80 hectares of this estate is under vine and all its vineyards have the top “A” classification. In short, Boavista is a jewel among the Douro’s quintas.


2013 Reserva
2013 Boa–Vista – Touriga Nacional
2013 Vinha do Ujo
2013 Vinha do Oratório


2013 Reserva (Magnum)
2013 Reserva (Double Magnum)
2013 Boa–Vista – Touriga Nacional (Magnum)
2013 Boa–Vista – Touriga Nacional (Double Magnum)
2013 Vinha do Ujo (Magnum)
2013 Vinha do Ujo (Double Magnum)
2013 Vinha do Oratório (Magnum)
2011 Vinha do Oratório (Double Magnum)

Portal wines - Quinta de Porrais

Quinta de Porrais

Quinta de Porrais, the vines are planted on high steep slopes with an average 65 years old resulting in great freshness, intensity and mineral complexity in the wines. Winemaker Francisco (Xico) Olazabal is a direct descendant of Dona Antónia Ferreira - a 19th century pioneer of the port trade who owned many of the most important estates.


2015 Rabigato

Portal wines - Quinta do Popa

Quinta do Pôpa

Stephan Ferreira is the man behind Quinta do Pôpa. He comes from a marketing and events production background. Stephan’s father José Ferreira was originally from the Douro, and returned to buy the Quinta in 2003, which was renamed Pôpa from its original name of Vidiedo. It was originally just 9 hectares of vines but new plots have been acquired, and now it’s up to 30 hectares. 2007 was the first year of production and they started selling wine in 2010. The winemaking had the hands of celebrated Bairrada producer Luis Pato, which reconcile the most sophisticated techniques with centuries of rigorous tradition, such as wine by treading in “lagares” and building a brand with personality and quality, this terroir has noble grape varieties, all letter A, highlighting a large percentage of Touriga Nacional. 


2015 Quinta do Pôpa - DOC, Douro


2007/08/09 Vinhas Velhas 'Old Vines'
2007/08 Trepa – Quinta do Pôpa ’Douro’ & Luis Pato ’Bairrada’
new vintage Wine on The Rocks, ‘Finkus Collection’ Lolita
new vintage Wine on The Rocks, ‘Finkus Collection’ Milf

Large formats

2011 Lolita (Magnum)
2011 Milf (Magnum)


Portal wines - Alvaro de Castro

Álvaro de Castro - Quinta de Sães & Quinta da Pellada

The “Master of Dão region” Álvaro Castro and his daughter Maria are widely acknowledged as being the leading producers in Portugal’s Dão region, known as the Burgundy of Portugal because of the elegance of its wines. Álvaro was a civil engineer who inherited the family property in 1980. The estate has been in existence since the 16th Century, but since started to make wines under Álvaro Castro, the rise of the estate has been phenomenal. When Douro winemaking legend Dirk van der Niepoort decided to make a wine, blending the power of the Douro with the finesse of Dão, there was only one duo of winemakers in Dão he trusted enough: Álvaro and Maria Castro. Their wines are sustainably grown on granite soils, high up in the mountains and the results have a real finesse and elegance.


2013 Quinta de Sães
2013 Encruzado, Reserva – Quinta de Sães


new vintage Quinta de Sães
2012 Dão
2003/07/11 Quinta da Pellada ‘Old Vines’
2010 ‘Doda’ – Álvaro de Castro & Dirk Niepoort
2003 ‘Mulher’ – Quinta da Pellada
2007 ‘Carrocel’ (Touriga Nacional) – Quinta da Pellada
2011 ‘Pape’ – Álvaro de Castro

Portal wines - Quinta do Valdoeiro

Quinta do Valdoeiro

The company was founded in 1926 by Mr. Messias Baptista, who served as chairman until 1973. The management is now held by the descendants of the same family.
Messias is based at Mealhada, a small city in central Portugal, in the heart of Bairrada region. Here the company has over 60 000 square meters of plants, and approximately 160 ha of vineyards, of which 70 are dedicated to the production of the famous wines of The Quinta do Valdoeiro (Estate). 


2010 Reserva White – ‘Caves Messias’


Reserva Red – ‘Caves Messias’


Portal wines - Campolargo


The grandfather Martinho, a farmer from Mogofores, produced red wine back in the early 1920’s and in 1960’s, the father Manuel took charge on modernizing and expanding. In mid-1990’s started testing for the first time in that meantime in the region, new varieties planted. The vineyards are located in two proprieties: 110 hectares Quinta de S. Mateus and 60 hectares Quinta do Vale de Azar. The soils are mostly sandy-clay, with small calcareous areas. The first Campolargo wines resulted from 2000 crop, although the new cellar was only built in 2004. Nowadays, the business lies in the hands of the third generation with Jorge responsible for the vineyards and Carlos heading the cellar and sales. Joana impersonates the collaboration of the fourth generation.

2008 C.C. ‘Cabernet/Castelão’
2008/10 DIGA? Petit Verdot


2013 Espumante
2012 Espumante, Rosé́ – Campolargo (Magnum)

Large formats

2008 Diga?, Viognier (Magnum)
2007 Calda Bordaleza (Magnum)
2005 DIGA? Petit Verdot (Magnum)


2011/15 Arinto
2014 Diga?, Viognier


2013 Vinha do Putto
2012 Alvarelhão
2010/12 DãO
2012 BAGA
2010 Pinot Noir

Portal wines - Quinta do Valdoeiro

Quinta do Valdoeiro

The company was founded in 1926 by Mr. Messias Baptista, who served as chairman until 1973. The management is now held by the descendants of the same family. Messias is based at Mealhada, a small city in central Portugal, in the heart of Bairrada region. Here the company has over 60 000 square meters of plants, and approximately 160 ha of vineyards, of which 70 are dedicated to the production of the famous wines of The Quinta do Valdoeiro (Estate).


2010 Quinta do Valdoeiro, Reserva White - 'Caves Messias'


1998 Quinta do Valdoeiro, Reserva White - 'Caves Messias'

Portal wines - Vale da Mata

Vale da Mata

Vale da Mata vines are planted in the northernmost sub region, on the slopes of the Serra de Aire, a significant limestone mountain. The wine is made by Catarina Vieira of Herdade do Rocim

RED 2010 Vale da Mata – Lisboa
Portal wines - Villa Oeiras

Villa Oeiras

Villa Oeiras, from Carcavelos DOC was once world famous for its fortified wines. During the 18th and 19th centuries Carcavelos fortified wine was produced and rigorously championed by, among others, the formidable Portuguese statesman D. Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, the Marquis of Pombal and Count of Oeiras. The Marquis of Pombal’s 135 hectare estate in Oeiras, a “pearl of the baroque” era, is currently under restoration and, since the 1980s, its vineyards and barrel room have been progressively restored as a result of a partnership between the Municipality of Oeiras and Ministry of Agriculture. Their goal is to revive the region’s fortified wine tradition through the Villa Oeiras (formerly Conde de Oeiras) brand. The first vineyard (5 hectares) was planted in 1983 by the National Agronomic Bureau with cuttings derived from the original 18th century stock. The wines were initially made by the renowned Lourinhã DOC spirit is still used to fortify the wines. A further 2.5 hectares, then 5 hectares were planted in 2003 and 2009 increasing the size of the estate to 12.5 hectares. The grape varieties are Arinto, Galego Dourado and Ratinho (white) and Castelão and Trincadeira (red). Production began on a commercial scale in 2009 following the completion of the new winery and wine cellar. Currently, around 130,000 litres of wine dating from 1991 is being matured in this cellar and the original 18th century barrel room which was restored in 2013. Since 2007, the wines have been made by Tiago Correia with consultancy from the esteemed Port winemaker Pedro Sá of Burmester, now Vista Alegre, the aim is to produce an expression of Carcavelos which, true to tradition, will evolve over many decades in bottle.



Portal wines - Casa Santos Lima

Casa Santos Lima

Family owned for more than a century. In 1996 José Luís Santos Lima Oliveira da Silva decided to start bottling its wines. Becoming one of the biggest producer in the Region with 200 hectares re-plantation being made since 1990 with native and international grape varieties. Casa Santos Lima Estates are located in Alenquer, 45 km up north of Lisbon in gentle slopes with altitudes between 100 to 220 meters, the climate is slightly tempered by the Atlantic Ocean and the soils are mainly clay and limestone, from the Superior Jurassic period with maritime fossils sedimentation. Todays is one of the most rewarded Portuguese producers on National and International Wine Competitions


2014 Palha Canas
2014 Palha Canas (half bottle)
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Merlot
2012 Syrah
2013 Pinot Noir
2011 Touriga Nacional 'V. Reginal Lisboa' CSL
2011 Opaco, Reserva


2014 Palha Canas
2015 Palha Canas (half bottle)
2012/13 Moscatel
2013 Arinto
2014 Chardonnay
2013/14 Verdelho
2014 Sauvignon Blanc
2014 Viognier
2012/13 Reserva

Portal wines - Quinta da Lagoalva

Quinta da Lagoalva

Quinta da Lagoalva estate spreads along the south bank of the Tagus river at northeast of the city of Lisbon. In 1834, Quinta da Lagoalva was bought by the First Count of Póvoa and kept run by one of oldest family’s in Portugal. The 45 hectares combines grapes between the best Portuguese and international varieties. The vineyards benefit of a modern leading system, inspired in the best Australian vineyards. The cellar, also inspired in the New World, combines a great versatility of ecological options with a great concern in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The wines are the result of the producer's philosophy, the remarkable characteristics of the varieties and the unique personality of Quinta da Lagoalva's microclimate and "terroir''.


2015 Talhão 1
2013 Sauvignon Blanc
2013 Chardonnay/Arinto, Reserva


2013 Rosé


2014 Castelão & Touriga Nacional – Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima
2014 Reserva
2009 Alfrocheiro Grande Escolha
2012 Syrah & Touriga Nacional
2010 Syrah, Grande Escolha
2009 Dona Isabel Juliana

Portal wines - Casa Horacio Simoes

Casa Horácio Simões

The House of Horácio Simões, was founded by José Carvalho Simões, and is now over a Century old. Since 1910 it has gained in strength, reliability and professionalism and over generations it has secured a reputation of excellence in the market. The winery is located in Quinta do Anjo, Palmela, an area of outstanding quality wine production surrounded by two rivers and facing the Atlântic Ocean. The vineyards of 30 hectares mainly from very old vines with low heels on claylimestone soils with alluvial sedimentation and sand, is still carried out in traditional, artisan “lagares” and the used of French oak. Produces three DOC varieties (Moscatel, Moscatel Roxo and Single Vineyards Palmela).


2014 Boal – Vinha Val dos Alhos ‘Palmela DOC’


2013 Castelão – Vinha Val dos Alhos ‘Palmela DOC’


2014 Moscatel de Setúbal – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
2009 Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horacio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
2012 Bastardo – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Palmela DOC’
2005 Moscatel Roxo, Superior (fortified with Armagnac) – Casa Horácio Simões
NV Moscatel de Setubal ‘Superior’ 10 Years
2000 Excellent, Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
NV Single Cask (N*127), Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horácio Simões
1996 Moscatel Roxo “Reserva da Familia” – Casa Horácio Simões

Portal wines - Monte das Promesas

Monte das Promesas

Owned and run by Casa Santos Lima, this small estate it is composed of seven gently sloping hills of young vines that range in altitude from 100-200m. They are graced with epic sunshine during the day, yet the nights are cool and fresh, as moderated by the nearness of the Atlantic. Soils are clay and limestone.


2014 Monte das Promessas


2014 Monte das Promessas

Portal wines - Dona Maria


Dona Maria is located in Estremoz, North Alentejo at 450 meters altitude since the 18th century, it was only in 1988 that its current owner Julio Bastos started sell the wines produced here. In 1992 Júlio Bastos sold 50% of the Quinta do Carmo to the Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite). It was then that the old winery was transferred from Quinta de Dona Maria, or Quinta do Carmo, to the Estate called Herdade das Carvalhas, which belongs since then to that company. Never having given up on the idea of again producing his own wine, Júlio Bastos then decided to sell his shares in the Quinta do Carmo, and started this new project, Dona Maria wines. In 2001 and 2002 bought a vineyard which is now over 50 years old and whose genetic heritage is over 150 years old, the cellar has been equipped with the most modern technology, maintaining the marble “lagares”, where the traditional foot treading method is still used nowadays. Since the beginning of this project the Dona Maria wines have been recognized, not only by the public but also by opinion leaders.


2015 Dona Maria
2014 Viognier
2013 Amantis Reserva


2015 Dona Maria Rosé


2013 Dona Maria
2011 Amantis Reserva
2011 Dona Maria – Touriga Nacional / Petit Verdot (Limited edition)
new stock Touriga Nacional
new stock Petit Verdot
2010 Grande Reserva
new stock Julio B. Bastos Garrafeira – Alicante Bouschet, Dona Maria


2010 Dona Maria – Grande Reserva

Portal wines - Herade do Mouchao

Herdade do Mouchão

Located in Sousel, Alentejo region set between Lisbon and the Algarve. Was planted in 1901 and built a high-ceilinged adobe winery. A distillery was added to the winery in 1929. The 38 hectares of vines are made up of several vineyards in different areas of the estate at 230 metres above sea level, the clay soils are suited to the old vines Alicante Bouschet and other local grape varieties, picked by hand and foot-trodden in “lagares”. During the 1950’s the wine business began to expand, more vines were planted. Herdade do Mouchão continues to be run by the descendants of the original family, whose cellar and vineyard workers have been for generations and nowadays remains a traditional, family-run winery.


2013 Dom Rafael


2013 Dom Rafael
new vintage Mouchão
2008 Tunel 3–4


2009 Mouchão (Magnum)
2003 Colheitas Antigas (Magnum)
2008 Tunel 3–4 (Magnum)

Portal wines - Herade do Rocim

Herdade do Rocim

A dream turned into desire; a will turned into reality; this is how, between Vidigueira and Cuba, Herdade do Rocim came to be. This wine producer in Alentejo relies on a piece of land about 70 hectares it was acquired in 2000 by José Ribeiro Vieira, a businessman, upon request from one of his daughters, Catarina Vieira, an oenologist. After ten years investing in the improvement of the existing vineyards, the plantation of new vineyards and the construction of the Winery combines wine production with the fruition of the inner spaces and surrounding nature.


2016 Mariana
2013/14 Herdade do Rocim
2015 Verdelho
2015 Amphora


2014 Marianna
2014 Alicante Bouschet
2015 Amphora
2011/12 Reserva
2014 Touriga Nacional
2012 Olho de Mocho

Portal wines - Cobalto 17


A gin from the famous Douro wine region in Portugal made with six botanicals including Tinta Amarela grapes. It aims to balance sufficiently classic style with the irreverence of a truly 'new' gin. Fruity and aromatic with lime, red grape, herbal freshness and some cardamom. 

NV Cobalto 17 (70cl)

Portal wines

SPAIN - Rioja, TORO & RIbera del Duero

It is our pleasure to work with Bodegas Alvia, whose wine from the Camino del Santiago, are a true gem of modern Riojano winemaking.  The Mileto range is true classic Rioja, done extremely well; the Livius range is certainly a cut above anything we have tried from the region before.  Classic winemaking, with a modern twist - exaclty what we love!

We also stock  range of premium Spanish wines on our fine wine list: Pingus, Pesquera, Ygay.  Please contact us for pricing.


2009 Duradero – Bodegas Liberalia ‘Toro’ & Quinta do Portal ‘Douro'

Ribera del Duero

2000 Flor de Pingus – Dominio de Pingus


2014/15 'Viura', Mileto - Bodegas Alvia
2008 Livius "Fermentado en Barrica" – Bodegas Alvia
2014 ‘Tempranillo' Mileto - Bodegas Alvia
2012 'Crianza' Mileto – Bodegas Alvia
2009 'Reserva' Mileto – Bodegas Alvia   
2009 'Edicion Limitada' Mileto – Bodegas Alvia   
2008 Livius 'Tempranillo' – Bodegas Alvia   
2007 Livius 'Garnacha' – Bodegas Alvia   
2007 Livius 'Graciano' – Bodegas Alvia

Portal wines

FRANCE - Bordeaux & Rhône

Portal Wines and Spirits also list some of France's great wines (in limited quantities) through our private reserves.  If you require Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Rhone then please call or drop us an email.  Download our Fine Wine list here.


1990 Hermitage – Domaine Jean–Louis Chave

Red Bordeaux

2006/05 Château d’Angludet ‘Sichel’ – Margaux
2005 Château Lafon Rochet – Saint Estèphe   
1975 Cos d’Estournel – Saint Estèphe (Magnum) 

Portal wines - Quinta do Noval


We stock a large range of fortified wines here at Portal Wines and Spirits, as you can see below. Please contact us for prices and availability, as there are finite stocks of the older vintages.


Moscatel – Quinta do Portal (NV)
2004 Moscatel, Reserva – Quinta do Portal
Moscatel – Quinta do Portal (NV)
2004 Moscatel, Reserva – Quinta do Portal


2009 Portal, Late Harvest – Quinta do Portal


2014 Moscatel de Setúbal – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
2009 Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
2010 Bastardo – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Pamela DOC’
Moscatel de Setubal 'Superior 10 Years
2009 Excellent, Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horácio Simões ‘Setúbal DOC’
Single Cask (N*127), Moscatel Roxo – Casa Horácio Simões
Moscatel Roxo 'Reserva da Familia – Casa Horácio Simões


Carcavelos – Villa Oeiras (37.5 cl)
NV Carcavelos – Villa Oeiras
Quinta do Barão No. 2 ‘Carcavelos’


Boal, Reserve 5 years – Barbeito (50cl)
Verdelho, 10 years – Barbeito
Sercial, 10 years – Barbeito


Fine White Port - Quinta do Portal (NV)
Extra Dry White Port – Quinta do Portal (NV)  
Finest Tawny – Quinta do Portal (NV)  
Finest Ruby – Quinta do Portal (NV)  
Ruby Reserve ‘29 Grapes’ – Quinta do Portal (NV) 
Cellar Reserva ‘Ruby’ – Quinta do Portal (NV) 
Tawny Reserve ‘6 Barrels’ – Quinta do Portal (NV)  
2009 L.B.V. ‘Late Bottle Vintage’ – Quinta do Portal  
2000 Tawny ‘Colheita’ – Quinta do Portal  
Tawny ’10 years’ – Quinta do Portal  
Tawny ’20 years’ – Quinta do Portal
Tawny ’30 years’ – Quinta do Portal  
Tawny ’40 years’ – Quinta do Portal
‘Vintage 2003 +’ – Portal
1997 Vintage – Quinta do Portal  
1995 Vintage – Quinta do Portal
1985 Vintage – Warre’s
1963 Vintage – Quinta do Noval, Nacional 


Tawny ’10 years’ – Quinta do Portal (37.5cl)   
Tawny ’20 years’ – Quinta do Portal (37.5cl)   
2008 Vintage – Quinta do Portal (37.5cl)